Thursday, February 15, 2007

A bunch of no shows.


Feb 14th 2007 -

Grab life by the balls -vs- Uniballs -

Two undefeated teams

Tale of the tape,

Grab life by the balls is a team that has reached the top of the Rec B division relying heavily on it's team chemistry. This team has no real allstars, just a bunch of pieces that fit together perfectly and make one hell of a puzzling first place team.

Uniballers on the other hand, could not be more different. They're a bunch of average sacks riding on the coat tails of an ex-major leaguer. The undisputed allstar of this team is ol' gray shirt. Ol' gray may have a cannon capable of stringing the team along on his coat tails, but that doesn't hold this team back from stetching the rules as far as they can in their favor.

All in all ought to be an intrigueing match up...

Wait this just in. Half of the Grab life by the balls "Team" just bailed!!! This truly is a shocking turn of events. The team previously admired around the league as having the tightest group of players has just formed a crack in it's chemistry the size of San Andreas Fault.

Game time is upon us and there are absolutely no subs for the missing players.

Looks like the Beer tally sits at;

Teri - 1

Nathan - 1

Kent - 1

Amanda - 1

Great time for half the effin team to bail.

Lonely Dodgeballers

Not only because it's V-day and we're tossin balls at other lonely phucks, but because it's so lonely sitting undefeated at the top.

Here are a couple highlights from last night,

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Marathon Update 8

Wow, what a world of difference a couple of hours of sleep makes. I think I slept 3 hours, and feel sooo much better. People are way less irritating than they were.

The marathon's going fairly well. I think the scores are in the 160's now. Most people seems like they have een having a good time, and all the organizers are looking forward to the wrap party at Ceili's now. The wrap party is going to be a gong show. It always is, and no wonder when 10 people who have had an average of 3 hours of sleep in the past 30 hours congregate and decide to get their drink on.

Marathon Update 7

Wow, super super super tired. Just played from 3am till 6am. My legs hurt!!! I did however have the pleasure of getting a Tim horton's breakfast sandwich. It was fairly delicious. All I can think about right now is how bad I need to shower and sleep. Imay make a play for doing both those things right now, or at least in the next half hour. It is 7:30 am and I have officially been here and awake....

2Pm till midnight is 10
midnight till 7am is 7

17 and a half hours. That's a double shift, I prob get two hours sleep, and be back at it right again.

Fun fun fun!!!

Marathon Update 6

Eyes are getting sleepy!!!

Almost time to play though. That's kind of exciting. The effing room I'm in is a little pressure cooker. So bloody hot! It's aking me much more grumpy than I need to be.

Jake hurry up and show up with a little nicotine treat!!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Marathon Update #5

It's official, I'm at the stage where I start to get annoyed with other people. It's also the point in the evening where it becomes almost exclusively soccer marathon people at the soccer center.

It gets a bit quieter, as there is only the odd other practice in the facility. Soo, it will be dead quiet other than the occasinal outburst from our little field.

That is, until the 3am game. We're loud and obnoxious! And then, the dreaded morning.

Nobody will have slept, we all will be getting ridiculously tired, and then, at the worst possible point, thousands of little kids will pile in to the soccer centre for their morning games. The little kids aren't the worst part. It's the ridiculous amount of family and friends that come out to watch.

Hold on. It's beer time.
Unfortunately it's gonna have to be with Carlos. On the other hand, I do get to have one with Rick Antl. Kind of cancels out....

Soccer Marathon Update 4

Just after 9pm,

Mads is once again disrobing in front of me. He just finished another game. They won 3-2. Woohoo for ballistic.
Makes up for losing the first one I guess.

Oh, quick update on the 7pm - 8pm game, Teri Scored! Beginners luck no doubt.

Oh ya, by the way, sitting in a 10 by 20 room licks nuts.

Antl just showed up. Bastard didn't bring any beer though. Slacker... Last year he showed up with a cube of pilsner, this year, nothing....

You just can't get good help these days.